eMobileSALES Sales Force Automation

eMobileSales is the online solution for Sales Force Automation, it transforms manual sales activities to mobility and transfer data back to office online.

Most of the sales forms are currently being filled by sales personnel manually at field. Now, we transform the manual process to automation by using Mobile Computer connected to internet infrastructure all sales data can be transferred back to office within seconds, with today’s technologies our solution eliminates time consuming traditional process to automation.

eMobileSALES includes the following Mobile Applications such as eMobileSO, eMobileVS/CS/IN and eMobileCN.

Key Features

  • Update Selling Price Online
  • Selling Price Control with Password Authentication Online
  • Update Route Online
  • Price and Quantity On Hand Inquiry Online
  • Instant Update to Accounting and Inventory System
  • Simple Interface on Mobile Application



  • Eliminate Phones Calls
  • Save Cost, Manpower and Time
  • Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Increase Turnover and Profitability
  • Instant Sales and Management Report
  • Effective Monitoring on Sales Force

Special Offer

Our new product ( BSM ) is launch !!

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