eMobileCOUNT Stock Count Automation

eMobileCount is the online solution for Stock Count Automation, it transforms manual stock count activities to mobility and transfer data back to office online.


Most of the stock count forms are currently being filled by warehouse personnel manually at field by using ‘Pen and Pencil’. Now, we transform the manual process to automation by using Mobile Computer connected to internet infrastructure all stock count data can be transferred back to office within seconds, with today’s technologies our solution eliminates time consuming traditional process to automation. The mobile applications could increase workforce productivity and efficiencies within your organization eMobileCOUNT includes the following Mobile Applications such as eMobileCT(Std), eMobileCT(Adv).

Main Features

  • Real Time Update
  • No Manual Count
  • No Data Entry
  • Speed Up Stock Count Process
  • Less Mistake
  • Item Price Check
  • Simple Interface on Mobile Application

Other Features

  • Eliminate Human Errors
  • Save Cost, Manpower and Time
  • Increase Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Increase Accuracy on Stock Count
  • Shorten Stock Count Process
  • Problem Tackling Faster