Gas Cylinder Tracking System

A solution allows management to keep track movement of cylinder. Quantity on hand of cylinder at customer’s location will be available for Rental calculation at month end, eventually the system will generate rental billing and statement of cylinder on hand to the customers.



Membership Maintenance System

A solution allows user to extract information from Mycard and insert the selected information to Membership Maintenance System for Management to keep track expiry date of membership.

Service Maintenance System

A solution to keep track job done at site, schedule of service will be generated from the system based on scheduler setting. Eventually a complete job order will be generated for billing purposes.



Student/Class Studio Management System

A solution enables users to take control of their daily business. At a click of a button, users are able to view and trace Students’ & Teachers’ profiles, Bills & Collections, Class schedules and other important information that Education Centre & Studios require. Class Studio Management System will save your time so that you can concentrate on running your business.